Free Backlink Exchange Tools. Free SEO tools to get qualified, easy and fast backlink.


Free BacklinkXchange is free tools to get qualified, easy and fast backlink by exchange your link with every one who put our simple code on their website. Everyone can exchange their links without manually type it to their website or afraid their link will be deleted without notice. With this code, you can make thousands backlinks without doing nothing, except put our code to your blog/website.

Hmm, I'm still confused. How it work?
1. Put our code on your website.
2. You will make backlinks to BacklinkXchange from your blog/website.
3. Our code will displaying every link who backlinks to us, including yours, by randomly. This link will changes if anyone load or refresh your blog/website.
4. You will get backlinks from another blog/website who also put this code on their blog/website.
5. That's all. Simple, isn't?

Hmm, really! But, how do you know which blog/website who links back to BacklinkXchange?
Yes, you're right. We don't know which blog/website who links back to us. But Bing and Google Analytics know who links to who. We always update our links which show on this code using Bing Link Explorer data and Google Analytics source/medium data.
Once a month, this code will be update by new data from it.

Here the sample of preview. If you refresh this page 2-3 times, this links will change automatically. That how it work on your blog/website.

Interested! Grab this code to your sites by click this link :

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